The incredibly funny and talented Paulina in a creative studio session. Styled and directed by Cody McGibbon.



Unnecessary Sun

Savannah on a sun drenched Miami day, where the sun isn't needed, but much enjoyed.

Model: Savannah @ The Syndical

Styling & HMUA : Myself


Model Katelyn Wilson @katenicwilson with The Syndical in Miami @thesyndical

HMUA Mariana Hernandez @marianartistry

Styling WCP Collective @wcpcollective

The Island

Taylor with MC2 Models on a beautiful South Florida Island.

Styled, edited, shot and directed by Cody McGibbon

Rainy Day

Anna Winkles @annacarlita with Wilhelmina Models

Direction and Styling by Cody McGibbon


The stunning model, Kianna, goes on a sun drenched hike through the Hollywood Hills.

Model: Kianna

Styling/Dirction: Cody McGibbon


Kianna and I decided to take a spontaneous trip up to the Griffith Observatory and Park. Turned out to be the perfect setting for the day's story.

Model: Kianna Stupakoff

No A/C

Home alone on a hot summer LA day left with nothing to do and no A/C.

Model: Charlotte McKee

Styling/Direction: Cody McGibbon

Freedom is..

It was the Fourth of July on a beautiful Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. Baskin Champion and myself decided to spend our holiday in a different way.

Model: Baskin Champion with Next Models LA (@baskinchamp ; @nextmodelsla)

Styling: Cody McGibbon

Direction: Cody McGibbon


It was a perfect day at Vizcaya Villa and Gardens in Miami. Nikki, Micah, Brittany and I were all too excited to start our story, when we received some awful news: We wouldn't be able to shoot ANYWHERE else, BUT the gardens.. Don't get me wrong the gardens are beautiful, but the inside of the house is what attracted me and begged to be shot.

So, we did what any creative would do who strives to bring their vision to life no matter what; we kept quiet and low-key and shot inside the house. What we created is by far one of my favorites thus far.

Model: Nikki Murciano @nikki_murciano

Styling: Brittany Roberson @brittanyroberson_

Hair: Micah Cook @micahmiami