Cody J. McGibbon 

      Welcome! First and foremost, thank you! Thank you for expressing at least some interest in my work causing you to check out my site and see just a little of what I have to offer. I can start by introducing myself. I am Cody James McGibbon. I am twenty four years of age and a psychology major with an undying will to create. I have a fascination with people; what they are about, what their interests are, who they are. This is where my obsession with photography began. I started with taking simple images of people, places, and things; simple or complex, beautiful or distressed. I slowly began realizing my want to create a story within a single image. Expressing a sort of atmosphere and feeling throughout the image and the subject's body language, facial expression, and setting. I am a firm believer that anyone can take a simple picture, but I want that image to tell the viewer a story. I want my imagery to evoke feelings; genuine feelings of love, happiness, distraught, pain or whatever my image might convey. It is my own feelings I get when viewing other's art that keeps me yearning to achieve the same with mine. Whether it be a wedding, fashion, a child, or even a product; capturing the precise theme or feeling of said subject is my goal. Again, I thank you for your consideration and your interest in my work. That, alone, means a lot. This is just the start of a beautiful relationship. I look forward to creating with you.